• Maike Paetzel
  • Doctoral Student
  • Department of Information Technology,
    Division of Visual Information and Interaction
  • +4618-471 3474
  • maike.paetzel@it.uu.se

Research Interests

Human-Robot Interaction, Uncanny Valley Effect, Social Robotics, Child-Robot Interaction, Dialogue Systems, Incremental Processing, Humanoid Robots.

Self summary

I'm a PhD student in the Social Robotics Lab and mainly focused on studying the uncanny valley effect. Within the area, I'm looking into the effect of interaction strategies on uncanny feelings and how they can be used to overcome or trigger the uncanny. I'm working both with adults and children of various ages to better understand their different expectations and approaches to robots.

My background is in both humanoid robotics and conversational interaction. I worked with the University of Southern California on building the incremental dialogue system Eve that can engage in a rapid image matching game. Apart from Human-Robot Interaction, my heart belongs to the RoboCup Community. Since 2011 I'm involved in the RoboCup Humanoid League, I'm one of the founders and still part of the team Hamburg Bit-Bots and since 2015, I'm actively engaged in the enhancement of the league.

RoboCup Federation: Project Proposal 2019-12-01
Our project proposal "Project for Humanoid League Development: Match Visualization and Analysis" will be funded by the RoboCup federation. This is a joint proposal between Rhoban (France) and Hamburg Bit-Bots (Germany) for creating a large-scale league database containing annotated videos of all matches played in the Humanoid League. In addition to recording the games, we will also expand our live-streams during the world championship, which is the part of the project I will be taking care of.
HRI 2020 - Full Paper accepted 2019-11-30
The paper I wrote together with Giulia Perugia and Ginevra Castellano titled: "The Persistence of First Impressions: The Effect of Repeated Interactions on the Perception of a Social Robot" was accepted at the 15th Annual ACM/IEEE International Conference on Human Robot Interaction (HRI). The paper will be presented in Camebridge in March!
Twitter 2019-09-23
I finally made it to Twitter! If you want to know more about my journey as a Social Robotics PhD student during my last year, follow me @MaikePaetzel
Dialogue For Good Workshop 2019-08-19
Our paper “ 'Can you say more about the location?' - The Development of a Pedagogical Reference Resolution Agent" has been accepted to the Dialogue for Good workshop which will be held on September 10th in Stockholm. I'm very excited to share first insights into the RDG-Map domain, which Ramesh Manuvinakurike and I have developed over the past year.
YRRSDS 2019 2019-07-15
I've been an YRRSDS organizer in 2017 already, but since YRRSDS will be held in Stockholm this year, I returned to the organizing committee. I hope to connect with many young researchers in the area of spoken dialogue systems in September at KTH.
HAI Paper accepted 2019-07-09
My paper for the Human-Agent Interaction conference (HAI) in Kyoto, Japan got accepted! I'll be given an oral presentation about my work on the effect of time on the uncanny valley in October.
RoboCup 2019 in Sydney 2019-06-26
From 2nd to 8th of July, I will be attending the RoboCup world championship in Sydney, Australia! I am looking forward to running the Humanoid League and to see the world's best teams compete!
Scholarship for 2019 Grace Hopper Celebration 2019-05-08
I have been awarded a GHC Student Scholarship to attend the 2019 Grace Hopper Celebration in Orlando, Florida! I have been following the event for a couple of years now and I am thrilled to finally be able to participate in the worlds largest celebration of women in Computing myself!